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I observed the treatment for my grandfather's severe hearing loss.  Mr Stupich has a good range of products and prices to choose from.  I was impressed at the sophistication of modern hearing aids and his ability to customize the hearing aide settings with a computer program.  My grandfather's lifestyle is much improved since the treatment.  Based on my first-hand experience, I highly recommend Mr. Stupich for your hearing needs. 

- M.M Oconomowoc WI

I have known Michael Stupich many years, probably over 20 years.  First he fitted my husband with hearing aids and now he has helped me for several years. He is very professional and will go out of his way to please the customer, when I have a problem with my hearing aids, he is always willing to help. I would recommend him to anyone.

- D.C. Watertown

After working with Mike for 11 years, I can attest to his quality, caring, and compasionate customer service. I have always seen him go above and beyond for his patients.

- D.C. Office Manager

I spent a few working hours a week with Mike. I can attest to him being not only dedicated to his job, yet to the patients as well. His follow up patient care is above and beyond anyone else I have ever worked with. He became not only a co-worker but a friend whom I enjoyed working with not only for his impressive work ethic, but his kind hearted nature.

- M.W. Unit Clerk